Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original is the modern representative of a dynamic watchmaking tradition dating back to the year 1845, when the first master watchmakers settled in Glashütte, Germany. Over the years, respect for tradition, infinite patience, and incomparable expertise have enabled the town’s noted watchmakers to achieve unparalleled success. Glashütte Original brings the finest in these watchmaking values together and combines them, under one roof, with the most advanced of contemporary materials and production technologies.

Today the company fabricates in-house up to 95 percent of all the components that go into a watch, including the elaborate dials. The term “manufactory” refers to this high proportion of authentic craft labor. Timepieces from Glashütte Original are the product of the best in German engineering and craftsmanship and embody a successful synthesis of technical sophistication, reliable precision and functional design.

In striving to achieve nothing less than maximum precision and quality, the Saxon watchmakers seek to make each Glashütte Original watch a work of art. The Senator Excellence line enhances their efforts with an assured new standard of quality, embodied in the manufactory Calibre 36 and characterized by a perfectly harmonious constellation of four fundamental attributes: precision, running time, stability and aesthetics. All models meet this new standard, including those with the Panorama Date and moon phase complications, characteristic features of Glashütte Original.

In spring 2017 the manufactory raised its new standard to the highest level of the watchmaker’s art – by adding one of the most sophisticated of complications: the perpetual calendar. The most recent highlight of this new generation of timekeepers, the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar lends this sophisticated mechanism a particularly contemporary appearance.

The complex and intelligent mechanism of the perpetual calendar guarantees a precise presentation of the date, weekday and month – even taking leap years into account – with no need for manual correction until the year 2100. In their design and construction of the new model, Glashütte Original’s engineers have made every effort to achieve maximum stability and user-friendliness while ensuring the watch remains easy to service. Along with hours, minutes and seconds, the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar presents the characteristic Glashütte Original Panorama Date, a finely worked moon phase, and weekday, month and leap year indicators. And rather than using the more traditional subdials, this watch presents all calendar information in softly curved, highly legible windows in the dial.

In addition to its innovative construction and timeless design, Glashütte Original satisfies customers with its promise of the quality of the Senator Excellence line. Each of these watches – perpetual calendar, three-hand model, with Panorama Date or Panorama Date and moon phase – is subjected in the Saxon manufactory to a series of rigorous tests over a period of 24 days, under conditions even more demanding than those of the challenging German Chronometer test. A special engraving on the case back serves as the seal of quality on every single watch. In addition, the owner of a Senator Excellence is provided with the key test results for his watch in the form of an individual Examination Certificate.
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